Sunday, 26 August 2012

Characters in 6th Edition 40k

Independent characters got 3 pages in 5th Ed rules. In 6th Ed Characters still  get 3 pages. But Independent characters get an additional 2/3 of an indented box page that summarises most of the 3 pages of rules in 5th Ed. While the  actual 6th Ed characters section introduces a significant fun change in the tactical game with challenges.  As a result the Characters section of 6th Ed markedly adds to and changes the way in which the game may be played. While the GW emphasis in recent years has been to build bigger, bigger and bigger and more complex battles, city fight, apocalypse, reducing points values for vehicles, flyers, reserves etc, the small addition of character challenges enhances the possibilities down at the smaller game level and markedly adds to the fun element of the game at this level.


ColKillgore said...

I like the challenge addition to 6th ed. Several of the local players are upset with the challenge rules but most of their problem is their ringer character being stopped from slaughtering a squad in one assault phase because they have to fight the squad leader for a turn.


Artificer said...

Yes I expect that is one reason it was added. The other is for the fluff, characters can now make their own kill count for the headology pre an post game. It also adds interest to small model count games which might turn on a challenge. Which make the game a bit more cinematic and adds interest for starters and for limited collections.