Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Grey Knights Codex

The new Grey Knights Codex has arrived via advance order today. Cool codex 96 pages. 7 types of nemesis force weapons. Terminators as troop choices. Orbital Relay Strikes, Heavy Support includes the obvious Landraider, Landraider crusader and a Landraider Redeemer with flamestorm cannons. Choice of Inquisitors and assassins. Seems Daemon hosts are OK with Grey Knights now and more and more and more.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Exorcist and Sisters Progress

The tank and the Sisters survive. No not a 40k mission but a domestic with a vacuum cleaner! Here is the small amount of progress lately. Hopefully some more soon. Will the new Grey Knights Codex have scope for some Sisters as well?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sisters of Battle Squad #2

There is only a little progress this week. Life gets in the way of painting. Also this blog is different from the many tutorial type blogs for 40k. This is just the real progress of a lone blogger, so there are good days and weeks and bad days and weeks. The Sisters have had a little more work and here they are:

I had hoped to finish the squad by the end of the month but this is looking less likely at the moment. Likewise the Exorcist is marking time also.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sisters of Battle and Steel Legion Mortars

Only a small bit of progress on the hobby front. Work, family, changing the car and a PC game called UFO Afterlight has restricted the time for 40K this week. But there has been some progress with 2 projects. The second squad of sisters, acquired via ebay. These minis go for unreal sums on ebay but are still cheap there compared with the GW prices which are so mega far above unreal.

Second project is some mortars for the steel legion. GW does not do specific minis for these but combining the loader from the missile launcher team with the controller from the lascannon team plus a mortar does the business reasonably convincingly, at least I think so. Mortars are not every one's choice and lets face it there are other weapons more capable of inflicting more serious damage but I like mortars for the indirect template "bolter" fire. It drives opponents mad often and makes them forget their game plan under fire. 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sisters of Battle on the Painting Table

The sisters are back on the painting table. A second squad of Sisters has been acquired via ebay. This one has an Imagifier, cool. The plan is to finish this squad as the previous one and then get via ebay or worst case scenario GW 2 heavy flamers and another meltagun. Now that there is a mix of helmeted and bouffanted sisters it would be good to squad them by hairstyle. Very Sisters. The extra sisters can be promoted to become the Celestinians accompanying the Cannoness in the Immolator. Cool. If This squad is finished soon next must be a 3rd squad from ebay before the new plastic sisters are launched with the new codex. BTW the Exorcist is progressing also but slowly. 

What a messy painting table, yuk.