Sunday, 25 August 2013

Progress with the Steel Legion Forgeworld Armageddon Pattern Medusa

This mini is proving to be a bit of a challenge. There are at least 4 components that require realignment to fit together snugly. The cabin floor pan shown in the last post as warped has been cured by a bit of lego and some elastic bands to hold it into its correct shape. The Roof of the medusa cabin, resin floor and detail inserts for the cab wall all require a good bit of work to make them all align.
The instructions, if that is the appropriate word for them, that come with this expensive kit are somewhat minimal and that's an exaggeration.

One thing that Forgeworld could do is provide better assembly instructions. A few bits of paper should not cut into profits much.

Anyway here are the components cleaned of the mouldings/flashings. Some careful trimming and assembly of the components is still required to ensure that the will fit snugly.

 Fortunately the Imperial Armour Masterclass volume one illustrates the painting and assembly of one of these minis, which makes it an invaluable aid.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

How Physically Dangerous is 40k as a Hobby?

I have just stabbed myself at the base of the thumb on my left hand with a games workshop hobby drill. Because it was a drill bit, as a penetrating stabbing instrument it was pretty blunt. It hurt quite a lot. It slipped as it was being used to drill holes to create an new slot for a metal mini in a 60mm base. There is a 2.5cm scar at the base of the first finger on my left hand where I sliced completely through the skin, down to the tendons with a very sharp hobby knife while working on a metal mini. Fortunately the tendons were not harmed. There are other scars from previous injuries from working with metal and resin minis. Is it just my bad luck or do other enthusiasts also get injured with this hobby.

Should GW get sued through a class action in the states for their culpability in encouraging people to get involved in the hobby. Been watching Damages.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Armageddon Pattern Medusa Bits from Forgeworld

One thing about the Forgeworld range is that the components often come attached to multiple bits of resin flashing. A bit of warping of the components is also not unusual. So here are the resin bits as supplied by Forgeworld before the cleanup. The floor pan of the Medusa has warped sides and the and the armoured room has a massive bit of flashing attached at as ever a strategically vulnerable part of the component. Anyway off to work with the saw, vise and sandpaper, to sort things out. These Forgeworld conversion kits are not for the faint hearted.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Armageddon is back next year according to Faeit 212

Good news. The final minis for PBI of the Steel Legion army assembling here have been delivered and the first Forge World Armageddon pattern Medusa has also been delivered just in time for the rumour that the supplements issued by GW will feature Armageddon again.

Here is what is supplied by Forgeworld for their Armageddon pattern Medusa.
 Two logoed resealable plastic bags. Minimal instructions. There is nothing other than the sheets shown. There are 2 Chimera sprues. One for the lower hull and chassis assembly and the other is one of the 2 accessories sprues containing track guards. Then there are 18 resin components. Many of these require significant cleaning. Finally there is one brass grating component. One of the resin components is markedly warped although this is not unusual for Forgeworld. But a bit of hot water and support should straighten it out, so no need to send it back for a replacement wit a warp else where. Overall probably an adequate building challenge for £54 UK pounds.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Steel Legion, Valhallans etc etc reappear on GW site

Short post to record the above. The minis are now split between the Imperial Guard Troops choice section and the collectors sections. What has GW been doing? Were these ranges removed to see if anyone noticed?