Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sisters of Battle Seraphim

The Seraphim have finally come off the painting table having reached a point where old and new minis have merged into one squad.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sisters of Battle against a corrupt Imperium

Deployment :

Artificer had one of his infrequent games of 40k today. No table, the gaming area was one of the GW battle mats. The game was fun and played for fun. Rules were adhered to but reinforcement were allowed. Total points were not exactly matched. Shooting was accurate but saves were made expertly. As a result a fund draw was achieved and both players had a good time without any dramatic change in the opposing forces.

Here is the situation at the end of the final turn :

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sister Superior, Exorcist and Priest - Whats on the Painting Table

Sometimes its difficult to finish a project either because something extra keeps on being added, sometimes because new projects get started before existing ones are finished. On the painting table at the moment are 3 Seraphim to add to an existing unit of 5, one sister of battle with a heavy flamer to replace the standard flamer in an existing squad, 3 additional sisters of battle to add to the existing Celestinian squad, 8 Brettonian, 1 grey knight terminator from a squad of 5 assembled and undercoated only. Finally there are the Brettonian shields that have turned out to be the most intricate part of the Brettonian regiment. Painted brown wood on the inside with a boltgun metal rim washed with devlan mud and painted blue outer surface with added transfer and matt varnish to seal. It takes longer to do a shield than a Brettonian.

An example of an extended project was the Exorcist.
Ideas to enhance the mini kept coming as the project progressed. Here it is being led out by two battle priests. It is to be joined eventually by a second Exorcist. The kit is bought and it is waiting some clear space on the painting bench before work commences. The aim is to build on what has been achieved with the first kit bash to produce a second and more interesting variant.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Brettonian Shield Wall Again

Back at the Brettonian. Some time ago a large unit of Brettonian men at arms was started and then languished as the paint scheme failed to fall in to mind. Things have changed. Ideas have cystallized. Now there is a project rather than an idea of trying painting a Brettonian unit. Colours are muted browns, apart from metal objects, even those are washed down with devlan mud. The project is using a lot of devlan mud and gryponne sepia and even ogryn flesh as washes on base brown colours such as graveyard earth, tausept ochre,bleached bone and vermin brown.

The project has become to create a peasant revolt Brettonian peasant army compatible with the current Brettonian codex.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Shield Wall

A while ago some Brettonian Men-at-arms were acquired, and languished primed in white. The plan was to create a regiment of 28 minis as a core for a peasants revolt Brettonian Army. The problem was painting that many minis. A simple scheme for painting was needed. After a while a scheme evolved and her is the start of the shield wall :

Adeptus Arbites

Disappointingly the Arbitrators no longer feature in the WD Sister of Battle codex. The only troops choice allowed as SoBs. Anyway here are the Arbites acquired sometime ago for use in a SoB army now progressing to completion. Colours have been chosen to blend the the Chapter of the SoB being recruited locally - the Sisters of the Verdant Deed. Colour scheme was as follows :

Base coat white spray
Knarloc Green washed with Thraka Green
Shoulder pad Iyanden Darksun with white highlight on insignia
Shotguns, boltgun metal and Tausept Ochre washed with Devlan Mud