Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne Progress

Almost finished. Mounted on a larger base to add some heroic Imperial Guard.
Those with sharp eyes will note that its dangly skulls are missing. An unfortunate handhold weakened the chain and as it is so thin it will not superglue easily back. Job for the green stuff later.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Greater Daemon Wing Attachment

Those of you who have been following this blog will have seen that a Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorne had been inherited. While it has not featured in recent posts work has been progressing. One hold up to finishing the model has been how to securely attach the wings to the body of the figure. The wings themselves are quite heavy and the curvature of the under surface of the wing attachment and that of the locations of the wings do not match. It proved impossible to locate the wings snugly into the body sockets. Initially it was hoped that some pins would support the wings but pinning and superglueing did not prove robust enough.

The next attempt used green stuff to raise the level of the torso sockets for the wings and to match the curvature of the wing attachment surfaces. 4 pins were also fitted to each wing socket. Finally the dried sculpted green stuff socket surface was covered in liquid green stuff to try to ensure aherence between the surfaces across as large a surface area as possible. The pins were superglued into holes on the opposite surfaces as well. Once the superglue had dried and ramining gaps were sealed with liquid green stuff. Painting the joints back up to the colour scheme has now commenced. More on this in a later post.  

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Steel Legion Veterans 1st Squad

The first Steel Legion veteran squad has only just commenced. There are 6 minis available. A missile launcher team, 3 riflemen and a sergeant. Adding 2 veterans squads to the existing 2 Steel Legion platoons will give the Steel Legion army 4 troops choices and extra assault and heavy weapons. It will also allow the Steel Legion IG army to ally with the Sisters of Battle with minimal but hard hitting troops choices (2 veterna squads when finished) allowing the maximum allied  points to be spent on long range artillery of some sort, which the sisters tend to be short of.

Adding a heavy flamer to the veterans squads gives a squad with 2 heavy weapons, which sound good, so the second heavy flamer steel legion conversion is underway. The mini for this conversion is the vanilla sergeant from the Steel Legion boxed set, which by the way can still be bought from GW for around £20 (UK), including p&p. No need to pay crazy ebay prices for 10 Steel Legion. Last weekend a used boxed set of 10 standard vanilla steel Legion went  on ebay at auction including p&p for £25. Why, when GW are still selling them?

Back to the conversion. this requires one vanilla sergeant with detachable laspistol arm and attached chainsword other arm. To fit the heavy flamer simply saw off the chainsword arm (GW saw recommended) and remove the bedroll and water bottle from the back of the mini (GW clippers and emery boards from where they are cheapest). Next the heavy flamer and 2 replacement arms need to be constructed.

Here is the start position after removal of surplus bits :  

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Steel Legion Mortar Battery Finished!

Finally done and sheltering behind the remains of Osgiliath. Where next with the Steel Legion - perhaps some veterans. The question is how to distinguish them from the standard Steel Legion minis given the difficulty sculpting metal figures.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Battle Reports : How do you do it

GW is looking for a "cinematic feel" for playing a game of 40k. On the other hand the battle reports in White Dwarf have more of the feel of match of the day and a learning experience.

Here is a battle report from a local campaign. Each side was able to issue its own report. Can you tell which side won this particular battle.  The idea was to have some fun in the campaign and its off board milieu.

Easy question to answer actually. The question answers itself.

Is there a place for this type of fun reporting of 40k games?