Saturday, 26 November 2011

Grey Knight Terminators - The archetype approaches

When starting a new series of minis a pilot model is often painted to try out the colour scheme or technique. So it goes with the Grey Knights. Last week all 5 were undercoated and then given a careful boltgun metal over coat except for the embossed text on the armour which along with the weapon got a coat of dwarf bronze mixed 50:50 with tin bitz. Then came the archetype. A wash with devlan mud followed by a thin highlight of boltgun metal on raised armour surfaces or a thin coat of mithril silver on shiny bits of the armour or weapons such as
the blade of the halberd. Some red for the purity seals and power cables, a light dry brush with shining gold on the decorative lettering and that's it so far.

The remaining 4 terminators in the kit are now getting their devlan mud wash while the heraldry is planned. Next up however is an improved base. Looking at the mini it seems that a standard dry brushed sand base would not do it justice. What seems better might be a base that combines the styles of the daemon hosts and Grey Knight Dreadnought that have been used before.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Grey Knight Terminators Progress 2

First pass paint on the Grey Knight Terminators. The idea was to use the "From the Warp" paint suggestions. It is possible that the minis might have strayed from this excellent advice. Anyway all the base colours are on. Next to come are some washes and highlights or highlights then washes to pull all together. The question is should the armour wash be devlan mud or badab black.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sisters of Battle Tanks

Tread head madness for the Sisters of Battle progresses. The extra armour for the Immolator has been trimmed down to the smooth space marine type. It proved easy to remove the extra decoration from the resin components as the resin proved quite soft. Getting the extra large dozer blade magnetised proved rather harder as the small 3mm x 1mm magnets embedded in the mounting arms of the blade proved too weak to hold the blade to the hull. More powerful and slightly larger N50 magnets have been orderd and hopefully will do the job. Work has commenced also on the 2nd Exorcist. Initially there is little to see as additional plasticard side panels and decoration need to be constructed similar to the original Exorcist conversion seen also in this image and in previous blogs. Secondly the metal panels need to be sanded to fit snugly to the hull and each other.Some green liquid green stuff has also been acquired. The usefulness of this in sealing joins will also be explored later.

Below is the original converted Exorcist. This project should create a similar conversion but not identical as these ancient and revered instruments of the God Emperors Justice are individual crafted by the Techpriests of Mars and not mass produced in the Imperium like lasrifles.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sisters of Battle Immolator Treadhead Madness, Grey Knight Sanity

The Sisters of the Order of the Verdant Deed started as a single Immolator with rhino extra armour and the Forgeworld rhino large dozer blade. The Order has expanded to include 2 SoB squads mounted in rhinos, a celestinian squad, a cannoness with command squad body guard, a squad of 8 seraphim, a penitent engine and an Exorcist as well as a couple of priests. Most have featured in this blog at some time or other.

The new madness is the decision to add a second Immolator, a second Exorcist and a third Rhino simultaneously. 2 Immolator kits have been started and a third has been ordered with Exorcist bits. But Forgeworld had stopped producing Rhino extra armour, and the Predator extra armour package. Bargain extra armour on ebay slipped through the workshops fingers literally while the bits shown in the image on ebay were checked against the requirements. Gnashing of teeth.

All that was left was to buy the Chaos Rhino extra armour package from Forgeworld and tweak it for the Immolator. That path was chosen, bits arrived and started in to the production line. And what happens next is that Forgeworld announces new predator/rhino extra armour priced slightly less than the stuff just bought. More gnashing and some foaming at the mouth. Anyway the path has been chosen and lets see if a better cooler magnetised second SoB Immolator can be made with these bits. If not it's back to spending with Forgeworld. Below in order is the archetype, next is what has been bought from Forgeworld after washing in detergent and while drying on some kitchen roll, and finally what is also on the painting table for moments of sanity - some Grey Knight Terminators to be painted a la "From the Warp" tutorial about painting metals.
Busy times.