Sunday, 31 August 2014

Penal Legion Squads Upgraded to Platoon for Astra Militarum

OK, penal legion squads are history for the latest IG codex now its the Astra M.
So in the collection here there are 2 penal legion squads. Simplest solution seemed to be adding a platoon command squad to change 2 troops choice penal legion squads to a single troops choice "penal legion platoon". The command squad would presumably be drawn from the dregs of the Asta M. So in to the bits box to find a few spare IG type minis. So here is the command squad and the the command squad posing in front of the 2 penal legion squads. Readers of this blog will have seen the 2 penal legion squads previously.

And similarly the Command HQ squad as described in the last post.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Astra Militarum Reorganisation

The new IG codex now renamed as Astra Militarum, has required some reorganisation of the old Imperial Guard. Sadly the Penal Legion is no longer a troops choice. This meant that one of the old IG forces collected was no longer bound in the new rules framework. It had 3 troops choices  - a platoon of 4 squads plus conscripts and 2 penal legion squads as the other 2 troop choices. It could still be used as an unbound army with associated slight penalty, or the 4 squad squad platoon could be broken in to 2 platoons, but this would still leave the penal legion minis off the field. While the penal legion squads did not achieve much in games they would be missed for the character they gave the game. So to keep them they were converted to a 2 squad penal legion platoon - just under gunned Astra squaddies with the addition of a platoon command squad. The whole force then with 90 converted infantry deserved to expand its leadership which originally was a Commissar Lord.  Here now from the bits box is the new Company Command Squad. A ragged band of desperadoes suitable for a last stand, to lead a rebellion or thrown in to the fight as the bottom of the Imperial barrel is scraped. All the minis are Games Workshop. Some are very old and some converted.

Next is the Penal Legion Platoon command squad, also from the same bits box.

Monday, 25 August 2014

It has been a while

Finally to have some time for the hobby.

Firstly the Greater Daemon of Khorne seems to be unbending after being forced to roost like a bat. The question to answer now is how to keep it standing up when placed back on its own 2 feet. Lots of thought is required. Bracing of some sort - internal or part of a scenic base.

 Secondly in time for the new Grey Knoights codex a completed Dreadknight with gatling psilencer and Deamon Hammer. Look out Daemons.