Monday, 25 May 2009

Paint Stripping

Decided to redo and upgrade the Steel Legion in the light of the new Imperial Guard Codex. I had read on various blogs about stripping paint from models. Initially I tried nail varnish remover. Soaking the models for a few days did remove almost all paint but some still adhered in crevices. Plastic parts became soft. So it was not entirely satisfactorily. Then I read (lonepilgrim) that dettol could strip plastic as well as metal. Went into my local supermarket and found they did not stock dettol but there was their own brand disinfectant. At roughly 80p a bottle it seemed there was nothing to lose.

Here is what happened.

This is before :

Here are the materials

Stripping Happening

And 4 hours later after vigorous toothbrushing and water rinse