Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave Progress and Painting Black and Photgraphing black - a trying time

Here is the next instalment of the battle conclave. 4 Assassins in their black stealth suits. Which is worse to paint black or white? After painting these babies I would say black. Than comes photographing black. More and more light to try and get any detail seen by the camera. Finally they are done. The next part of this project is an Ecclesiarchy styled Immolator. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ecclesiarchy Priest with Eviscerator

Here he is, looking slightly differently. The neck chain has gone a priestly cowl has been added instead from green stuff. It is truly a pity that GW does not make a priest with an eviscerator at present. The mini has a weapon composed from the hilt of a WFB Empire militia broad sword plus 2 Cadian chainswords.

This is the initial component of the squad proposed in an earlier post :- "Add a Preacher to a squad of death cult assassins and put them in an Immolator for toasting the target prior to assault. Then you have 5 x Weapons Skill 5, Initiative 6, Strength 4, Power Weapons Attacks 2 with re-roll for any misses. Give the Preacher an eviscerator with 2 attacks and a re-roll and rosarius for survivability for a total of 145 points plus Immolator at 65 points. Becomes slightly scary as a serious total disruption and decapitation assault unit, no?"

The harem of death cult assassins are now on the painting table. The conversion of a SoB Immolator  to an Ecclesiarchy style is then next step.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Saint Celestine Light Box Test

OK here is the Saint, a work in progress. She was photographed to test the light box newly constructed from a cardboard box, some old handkerchiefs, staples and sellotape.  I suspect that some better lamps are required to get the best out of it.