Saturday, 30 June 2012

6th Edition Woe

Argh. despite advanced ordering the 6th Edition, which is on sale on the 30th, which is today it has not arrived here. Which there was an email from GW 3 days ago stating that it was in the post. The post has been and gone and no 6th Ed. Very disappointing especially as previous advanced orders have arrived either on the day or the day before. Has everyone else got it? Should have gone down the local store early and picked up a copy.

Anyway in its absence the last game of 5th ed was played as a tank tank conflict, like Kursk. Here is turn 1. I lost with 4 tanks destroyed by turn 2. drat drat drat.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

6th Edition 40k - Previous editions and old White Dwarfs

The old 40 rule book is dead.
Long live the new 40k rule book

What to do with the outdated 40k rule books, old codexes, and White Dwarfs. What is going to happen to the old much loved and thumbed 5th edition rule book on the 30th June? Its no longer much use. It can't in all honesty be sold except as a curio. It comprises 304 pages of high quality print plus some book marked pages. The same questions apply to the old codexes when superseded and old White Dwarfs. Do they head to the recycling bin. Is there some residual affection for the old book. Is it worth keeping as a hobby reference and if so for how long?

Would you keep it?

None of these question have been answered here as can be seen from from the photos of the shelves in the under stair cupboard.

And that's by no means all of them.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Purity Seals

Certainly  purity seals are the bling of the Inquisition, Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle. The question is can they get enough of them. The GW provides molded on purity seals on some minis and customizable purity seals for some such as Grey Knights. But if you want to up the purity and worship of the Dead Emperor stakes more purity seals are needed. There are a number of options to getting more purity seals to add to minis. ForgeWorld sell a packet of resin purity seals for £6.50 plus p&p. These seals are well sculpted as might be expected but are a bit pricey for what you get. 

Grey Knight Terminators and perhaps other Grey Knight plastic sets also have spare purity seals that can be used elsewhere.

Finally it is possible to make your own purity seals with paper superglue and some green stuff. Here are some made recently. 
 The pictures speak for themselves I think. Stick the bits of paper together

 Add the green stuff and depress the center with the end of a paint brush handle.

Undercoat and then paint.

And finally cut out of backing paper ready to apply.

To this.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sisters of Battle Time to Audit

This Sisters of Battle project originally started a few years ago and has evolved in its own direction without conscious guidance as models were chosen for availability, fluff, looks, or changes in the codex last summer. Do other collections armies evolve in this casual way or are they as appears in the 40k blogosphere carefully planned for mathhammer. I don't know. These Sisters have had a few outings along the way with mixed success. One lesson learned has been that the extended Seraphim wire connection to the base ( as seen on a previous post) does make them a tad unstable on the table, but psychologically intimidating to their opponent as there seem to be more models present than actually is the case. The collection has been listed with Army Builder which is posted below showing the planned final listing. The only minis yet to be collected painted and added are 5 boltgun armed sisters, one sister superior and one heavy flamer and one meltagun to complete that 3rd troops choice. And that's it, 1996 points.

One of the first units collected were the Seraphim which gave the detachment the honor of being named the (Emperors) Jumping Girls.