Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sisters of Battle Time to Audit

This Sisters of Battle project originally started a few years ago and has evolved in its own direction without conscious guidance as models were chosen for availability, fluff, looks, or changes in the codex last summer. Do other collections armies evolve in this casual way or are they as appears in the 40k blogosphere carefully planned for mathhammer. I don't know. These Sisters have had a few outings along the way with mixed success. One lesson learned has been that the extended Seraphim wire connection to the base ( as seen on a previous post) does make them a tad unstable on the table, but psychologically intimidating to their opponent as there seem to be more models present than actually is the case. The collection has been listed with Army Builder which is posted below showing the planned final listing. The only minis yet to be collected painted and added are 5 boltgun armed sisters, one sister superior and one heavy flamer and one meltagun to complete that 3rd troops choice. And that's it, 1996 points.

One of the first units collected were the Seraphim which gave the detachment the honor of being named the (Emperors) Jumping Girls.

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