Sunday, 27 May 2012

How many projects are too many

The second Sisters of Battle Exorcist is still not finished although there has been some work on the crew with the servitor/loader almost done. Time has been spent instead on the greater daemon of Khorne and Inquisitor Karamazov. On the shelf at the same time is an unfinished unit of Arbites. Started with the rumour last summer that the new Sisters of Battle Codex would again include the Arbites, also there on the shelf is the squad of rouge trader era Bob Olley sculpts that were to be fitted out as IG veterans for the Belisimite abhuman IG army. Lying under the painting table is an untouched Hellhound in its box.  On the shelf beside the painting table is the Steel legion. 2 partly finished platoons of 2 squads each, plus 3 special weapon squads with missile launchers, lascannon and mortars.

All these projects don't register as unfinished business but rather as future pleasure. As each project gets finished another gets initiated so that there is always a buffer of several painting or modelling projects to attend to or ignore. This seems to be the way this Artificer's Workshop moves forward Is this a common way or do most gamers start and finish each project as the materials come to hand?


Gigawatts said...

I am all over the place myself. I find that it keeps it fresh and skills learned from one army's creation improve a different one.

My 40k Orks shall be my Sistine Chapel. My piece de resistance. I am savoring them like a fine wine.

Artificer said...

Absolutely agree it keeps things fresh and fun