Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sisters of Battle Tanks, Rhino, Immolator and Exorcist Reinforcement Progress

It has been quiet on the blogging front but that does not mean things have not been happening on the painting table. The reinforcements for the Sisters of Battle are close to completion. The Rhino is essentially finished, the Immolator is almost finished as it is awaiting the workshop to make some purity seals. The Exorcist is least close to finished. The periscope view points on the hull need a little touch up. The script on the hull and other surfaces needs finishing and the crew such as they are need to be painted. None the less the SoB are close to completion. Except that another troops choice squad would be nice, plus some Retributors, a few more Celestinians, and another Rhino and Immolator. That is for another day as next up as the Exorcist finishes will be Karamazov to be finished and painted. The "finecast" arms of his seat have been almost beaten into shape with the help of a little green stuff. And at the same time the greater Daemon of Kohrn legacy mini has made some progress and will get a bit more TLC on the painting take ones the current SoB project is completed.

Below are the pictures :

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