Sunday, 19 February 2012

Painting Canopies and Sisters of Battle Progress

Hopefully the change in the tidiness of the paint on the canopy can be seen. When painting the small and intricate patterns on the Sisters of Battle canopies it is difficult to avoid some paint going onto what should be clear glass. The answer is the "wooden" pole in the first image which is a cocktail stick . Use the pointy end to carefully scrape away surplus paint. The wood is soft enough that it does not damage the canopy. Scrape too much, then just touch up again.  The after image also shows where some small bits of paint have been missed. Time to go over it again.

The tank reinforcements progress again. Tracks on to 2 now and the third is close to tracks on also. Here they are again :

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sisters of Battle Immolator Progress and Forgeworld Commissar

Firstly the Commissar. Commissar Krieg will be joining the Steel Legion. In his travels he has acquired a hand cannon in the form of a one handed trench shotgun from the Kreig ForgeWorld weapons sprue. Detailing of the mini and splicing of the hand cannon us still to be done

Next the second Immolator for the Sisters of Battle of the Verdant Deed. Still a lot to do but finally the tracks are on meaning that the hull top and extra armour can be fixed on for the second phase of painting.To highlight raised surfaces and add dirt.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sisters of Battle Tank Reinforcements Progress and Magnets

A pause while the forgeworld MKIIc Rhino Dozer blade was magnetised for the Immolator. The problem was that this blade from forgeworld has short hull attachment arms. This is fine if the blade is glued to the hull.  But with the second Inmmolator the God Emperor had decided to bless the Sisters with a detachable dozer blade. The short arms even with the strongest neodynium magnets because of narrowness of the attachment arms which could not support a magnet more than 3mm in diameter along with the slope of the glacis plate of the hull gave such poor leverage that could not comfortably overcome the weight of the large blade. Various arrangements of magnets and additional clips under the hull were tried until it become obvious that the only realistic solution was to make an extension to the dozer blade arms flat under the hull to give access to larger magnets and a flat surface.

Progress has been made with all three reinforcements tanks as shown. The Exorcist has not quite yet reached the base colours paint stage as some rivets are to be glued to the additional hull reinforced armour panels. Otherwise some satisfactory progress has been made.