Saturday, 29 June 2013

White Dwarf just needs .........................

July's White Dwarf is here. The glossy fat format introduced last autumn continues. This format has been met with little enthusiasm at least on the internet. Why so? There are at least 156 pages. The photography of the miniatures is superb. The set piece double page displays of models are amazing. What else is there - besides the editorial there are as regular features Jervis Johnson and Jeremy Vetlock's opinion led columns, Paint Splatter advice on painting, War Diary - the preparation of 7 hobbyists to produce a display army, then there are the design studio, forgeworld and black library sections, and not to forget the apocalypse battle report.

Why does it all seem so flat when clearly a lot of effort seems to have been put in to producing a high quality product. What exactly are its weaknesses?  Well, on the downside its not a coherent read. It makes no attempt to hide that its prime role is to advertise the latest releases, and that is at least honest, but there are so many, many of them each month leading to new model shockitis. Games Workshop seems to have gone into overdrive in the last 12 months in creating new and excellent additions to its ranges of miniatures, which is a good thing from the hobby point of view. But as a result the reader of White Dwarf is overwhelmed with the new product. Clearly this is seen as a good thing in the marketing plan, but too much shock and awe will overwhelm the reader who as a human outside of the 40k universe needs a comfort zone from which to appreciate the latest development. And that comfort does not exist at present. There is no attempt to soften the blow for the hobbyist with, possibly some sort of a heads up, as used to be on the last page or probably more importantly some sort of continuity from issue to issue. Last month was Eldar this month it is Apocalypse. In the past White Dwarf offered both continuity and a comfort zone, often with an army featured over several issues and a wider range of core systems covered in each issue.

Is this a fair analysis of what is missing from White Dwarf, or are there other ways in which it could be improved?

One final thought is that with the prices of new releases always edging upwards the minis must have moved out of most people's pocket money range. Which market segment is the target of Games Workshops apocalypse formations.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

GW discontinues Mordian Iron Guard, Steel Legion, and Valhallans

Mordian Iron Guard no more, Steel Legion no more, Valhallans no more.

The BOLs form and Darius have flagged the fact that the GW have discontinued the only minis for these Imperial Guard Regiments. It seems to be part of their move away from metal minis, although the Sister of Battle are still on sale as are the Vostroyan and the Rough Riders. So metal is not completely out yet although it is clearly destined. Cadians and Catachian have also lost any metal minis although their plastic replacements must now be the mainstay of the Imperial Guard. This has created a great deal of disappointment. Here the Mordian Iron Guard sculpts were loved, if they reappeared as plastics or fine casts that would be great but it is unlikely given GW history. The available IG armies have been diminished by the disappearance of these 3 legendary sets of minis. The prices of used minis have gone through the roof on ebay. Is GW planning to release more and different IG regiments. Hopefully the withdrawal of these classic and excellent minis is a signal that this is in the pipeline.

Where are the rumoured Sisters of Battle? 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Saint Celestine Finished

Finally finished this essential mini for any Sisters of Battle force.

2+ armour save with 4+ invulnerable save. Weapons and Ballistic skill 7 with a blade that always wound's on a maximum of 4+ and can shoot as an assault weapon, not to forget 5 attack dice and the ability to come back from the dead. But why is she strangling a bird with her left hand?

Anyway when are the new Sisters of Battle going to be released? A finecast Saint would be so much easier to modify.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where do you prefer to paint

Where do you do it. In a dedicated painting room, in a bedroom, in the kitchen, in a cupboard at home, at a club or GW or other gaming store, just where ever you can. and even outside.

Here there are 3 painting locations. The main one is a hall cupboard which is shared with a ladder, bookshelves - full, painting sheets - for furniture and rooms, old non functional computers, fishing gear, spare furniture, a broken sewing machine, electric fan heaters and old radio clock alarms, plus the utility meters. It sounds like a big cupboard and it was until all that stuff was squashed in plus the painting table, paints etc. Now its a bit like the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, climb in to the seat and then there is just enough room to sit and paint, just don't drop anything on the floor. If it happens, then the room needs to be excavated to allow anyone to bend down and examine the floor.

The next location is more fun and that's outdoors, but living in the UK means that is only possible on a small number of days each year.

Finally there is the kitchen breakfast bench. Everything must be cleared up afterwards and do not leave any paint marks!!!

Do you have a dedicated room?