Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where do you prefer to paint

Where do you do it. In a dedicated painting room, in a bedroom, in the kitchen, in a cupboard at home, at a club or GW or other gaming store, just where ever you can. and even outside.

Here there are 3 painting locations. The main one is a hall cupboard which is shared with a ladder, bookshelves - full, painting sheets - for furniture and rooms, old non functional computers, fishing gear, spare furniture, a broken sewing machine, electric fan heaters and old radio clock alarms, plus the utility meters. It sounds like a big cupboard and it was until all that stuff was squashed in plus the painting table, paints etc. Now its a bit like the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, climb in to the seat and then there is just enough room to sit and paint, just don't drop anything on the floor. If it happens, then the room needs to be excavated to allow anyone to bend down and examine the floor.

The next location is more fun and that's outdoors, but living in the UK means that is only possible on a small number of days each year.

Finally there is the kitchen breakfast bench. Everything must be cleared up afterwards and do not leave any paint marks!!!

Do you have a dedicated room? 


Doc said...

Dedicated painting and mini room for the GF and me :-)

Mordian7th said...

I'm lucky enough to have a loft area that keeps all the hobby stuff up and out of the way. Unfortunately in the summer time it can be sweltering up there - and it's heading that was already!

The Responsible One said...

My wife has a dedicated painting table in the bedroom, while I clear the dining room table as my painting space - it is more often a painting space than anything else!