Friday, 31 May 2013

Time For A Review

This is the 200th post on this blog. Hooray. So it is a time for reflection. What went well. What was achieved and what could be done better and what should the future hold.

When this blog was started in 2007 the stated aim was to post on minis from the GW Inquisition and Witch Hunters Codices. Well things have changed big time since then. Witch Hunters are no more and on the codex front, but not in the real 40k universe, the Inquisition are now subservient to the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter. The Sisters of Battle are again an independent moiety. There has been a new Grey Knights codex, Imperial Guard Codex and a White Dwarf codex for the Sisters of Battle. The Inquisition no longer have a dedicated codex which is a total disappointment. IMHO this is a bit of a missed opportunity. As many dire dark and ruthless aspects of the Imperium could be concatenated in to an Independent Inquisition Codex.

Anyway back to the blog. The top 5 posts which have attracted the greatest traffic are :

#1 - Abhuman Imperial guard

#2 - Penitent Engine

#3 - Warlord Traits 6th Ed

#4 - Penal Legion

#5 - Shotgun Conversions

Eeek. Where is the Inquisition? Anyway this blog was started 6 years ago because of obviously an interest in 40k but also because of bloggers that were there back then. The key blog that inspired this one was called Lone Pilgrim, by a guy living up near or in Newcastle. He gave up at some point after achieving his 200th post. Is this the way blogs should go after a decent interval? If so how long or how many posts?


Mordian7th said...

Congrats on the double century! I'm also quite bummed that the inquisition has been so downplayed in the recent books.

I find my blog posts go in fits and starts - some months I can barely bring myself to come up with one or two, other months it's 3-4 a week. Basically I say don't sweat it, post what you want, when you want - that's the important bit.

Keep up the great work, mate!

Artificer said...

Hi Mordian 7th, thanks again for the encouragement. I also seriously enjoy your blog.