Friday, 3 May 2013

Sanctum Imperialis Kit

The GW 40k building kits have for a long time, here at least, been seen to be of questionable value. Basically it seemed that there wasn't enough kit provided to justify the price. But having stated that finally 2 have been bought. Firstly Ruins of Osgiliath - which was bought provide material for stonework ruins basing for the Seraphim squad, also Saint Celestine, and a bit of scenery - and it has been at the end of the day value for money. So subsequently and very recently with the aim of creating an Ecclesiarchy Immolator to transport the Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave the Sanctum Imperialis kit has been acquired. It was a choice between this and the Shrine of Aquila. Without giving away anything about the plans for the Ecclesiarchy Immolator here is what you get in this kit.

 Opening the box
 Everything laid out
  One of the 2 identical wall sprues

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