Sunday, 31 July 2011

Immolator - when to stop part 2

The workshop is going to add a pintle mounted stormbolter and a towing hook to the Exorcist for completion. Originally it was thought that given the role of this tank on the battle field a stormbolter would be a waste of effort but here is a paraphrased bit of advice from the GW site advice on the use of an Exorcist -

"A pintle mounted storm bolter adds very little to an Exorcist's firepower But, the way that the vehicle charts are organized, a tank is destroyed if all of its weapons are destroyed and it is subsequently immobilized. So the enemy has to destroy it as well to render your tank destroyed if it gets immobilized."

Survivability and the denial of scoring points makes the stormbolter a good idea. The towing hook will only add to its looks.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sisters Of Battle Exorcist - when to stop

Is it time to stop working on the Exorcist? The workshop is pondering this question. Photographs can be significantly informative, brutally identifying details that remain unnoticed to the ordinary eyeball. So there is some touching up required that has been missed  but the real question is should more detail and greater baroquification be added. Perhaps a few brassy bronzy icons attached to the hull. Some more purity seals, some more holy testaments or a pair of laud halers or even a storm bolter. All of these have been prepared and considered and now are possibly rejected, perhaps.

The changes form last week are the lights on the front hull, the testaments on the hull, the assembly of the upper superstructure, the smoke launchers, and the detailing of the mini including highlighting of structures, purity seals, bolts etc.

The Sisters as the militant arm of the ecclesiarchy should be both formidable and religiously righteous, I don't say holy as the Imperium of the 40k Universe is based more on ancestor worship than on religion and belief in god, even if the dying in stasis god emperor of humanity has some characteristics of a deity, the main belief of all strata of this society is in the existence of daemons in the Warp. As the righteous, the sisters war machines should be decorated with symbols of the justness and purity of the cause of the Sisters of Battle. The machines should be movable temples to the God Emperor. Therefore they should not appear as malicious or dark to the denziens of the Imperium. They should be symbols of hope even if the only hope is a quick clean death at the hands of the emperors hand maidens. Paint schemes should therefore reflect this. I hope this one does. Anyway below is another pic of this weeks sate of play and then last week's image and the first posted pics of this mini. Back to the original question - is it done or not besides touching up?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Exorcist again

OK, short post today, a quick update on the exorcist work in progress - here it is on the painting table. Work has started on the body details and is close to completion for the upper hull. The launcher tubes need the purity symbols finished and text added to the various banners. The pilot and loader are finished. The pilot and missile rack are now fixed in place. The loader await final fixing of the upper hull structures. It still needs baroque detailing for the upper decking, perhaps text with icons presented above. I am not yet certain of this. A lot depends on how the hull final detailing goes. The mini has an enormous amount of detail, some of which is my own fault as I have added this beyond that designed on to the model. While it is a pricey mini from GW for the modeller there is plenty to work on which makes it reasonable vfm.

Besided the Exorcist the Sisters of Battle collection is getting some Celestinians as a body guard for the Cannoness. The challenge for this group is the addition of a sacred banner. GW no longer produce this mini although it seems that they did in the past. On ebay these minis seem to go for unreal sums. So the plan is to add a banner to an existing bolter armed SoB in the simplest fashion. The hard part remains the banner itself. Designs would be appreciated.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sisters of Battle Exorcist Marches on

What's new today? The servitor loader is finished. The Sister organist gunner has progressed. I bought some new detail brushes an managed her eyes. Although the mini is designed with them shut, eyes open is more 40k Universe ethos. It is a grim place with humanity fighting for survival as the Universes slowly shreds in to the Warp. Where unrational and unreal creatures are fought with barely comprehended science. It all going down so so slowly simply due to the size of the Universe. Space Marines and the Imperial Guard humanity's answer to the impending messily chaotic terminus are actually ensuring the chaotic madness of the end of mankind while at the same time slowing its howling decent into madness.

Philosophy aside here is the latest pics :

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Another week and another view of the SoB Exorcist

Some 40k blogs are educational, some are a show case for painting and modelling talents, some are lists and some are news reporters. This one is a blog, log of Artificers painting and modelling ups and downs in real time. Thanks for looking. So here is another snapshot of the Exorcist inching towards completion. The tracks are on now and the magazine largely painted. the servitor is mainly done. The iconographic side panels are finally glued in place and just need some fixing and the maddened organ playing gunner needs to be completed. Here it is :

Exorcist paint top

Exorcist paint top side