Friday, 29 November 2013

Achilles Ankles of Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Kohrne

Has anyone come across this phenomenon??

From this :--

To this after 12 months in an unheated  cupboard at ambient temperature :-- 

It may not be clear from the picture  but the horns are the only reason the Daemon is not face down on its base. An image from the same angle as the first picture is obscured by the wing.
It looks as if the FW resin when supplied had not set rigidly enough to support the weight of the model and so slowly under the weight of the torso and wings the whole model has bent the ankles over. The feet are still as securely glued to the base as when the model was stored. Does Forgeworld resin flow as does glass slowly or is it due to an imperfection??

BTW all paints used were GW.

FW will be contacted for an explanation but is this phenomenon unique? 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Back to the Imperial Guard

Finally the Steel Legion army has been finished as far as troops go. There are 2 platoons with 2 squads each plus one squad of veterans making 3 troops choices. To support this there are 4 heavy weapons squads, one of lascannons, two of missile launchers and one of mortars and 2 commissars. Conversions have given meltaguns and heavy flamers to some of the command squads. It comes to 1086 points so far. No tanks shown but there are also 2 chimeras, one bane wolf and a Demolisher to support with a medusa cannon on the work bench.

The new Inquisition codex also gives excellent opportunities to boost an IG collection with some harder stuff. Its looking good for the IG at the moment.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The new Digital Inquisition Codex PreOrders Yesterday

The Inquisition has been a core interest of this blog. The imminent
 release of the new digital codex has reignited interest in the older Inquisitor minis here. This below is a favourite. It dates back to 2006. It is a simple conversion from and Imperial Guard Techpriest Enginseer and the converted weapon - a combination of a grenade launcher and Tau skimmer strut - if recollection is accurate, is intended to represent a psycannon as there were no parts for one then. Now with some spares from the Grey Knights and the new codex coming out its probably time to revisit this mini.

The archaic looking power armour along with the hooded and masked head seems to fit in with the Inquisitorial theme to allow a convincing conversion.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Armageddon Steel Legion Medusa progress and update

Painting of the Armageddon pattern Medusa has been split into sub assemblies. Here is the first - the cannon its chassis and the floor pan. Next to do is the remainder of the interior and then the exterior before final assembly. Progress has been slow due to the amount of detail and life in general. Anyway now its beginning to take shape.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Inquisition Returns

The black library have announced on their facebook site the release of a brand new digital edition Inquisition codex this November.