Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inquisitor and Retinue Styles

Styles for Inquisitors. There are two basic styles. The shooty Inquisitor and retinue - 2 sages are a prerequisite or the combat munchies Inquisitor and retinue. The last challenge is fitting it all into a reasonable points debit. Here are my 2 attempts. firstly the shooty Inquisitor and retinue and then the combat munchies.

Question - how many points in each squad?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Easy Shotgun Conversions for Imperial Guard Veterans 40k

One long term project is the completion of a squad of veterans armed with shotguns. There are a few conversion guides around on the internet but they all seemed fussy. Here is another way to do it.

Ingredients are one catachian flamer barrel for the shot gun barrel. One lasrifle cut down to provide the body and one crossbow from the warhammer militia box. An extra hand is also helpful. The pictures should be self explanatory.

Basic ingredients
Nascent shotgun in center with extra hand at top

The models chosen for the veterans are naturally veterans themselves. They are original games workshop imperial guard, Bob Olley sculpts. It seemed appropriate to use older minis for the veterans.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sisters of Battle Rhino progresses slowly

Some more work on the gunner. Anyone who has built an Immolator knows that the gunner sister is just a front shell to be glued to the seat back. To sit in an open turret ring requires a back to be fashioned. It could be scuplted from green stuff I suppose. My solution was to add a cope using the hanging skull drape supplied with the kit and fill the gaps with green stuff. Reasonably effective I thought. Here it is and the tmin linked bolter. Hands form an IG heavy bolter team. Turret ring modified to support a mount for the bolter. Here are some pics, low quality as the lighting is poor at the moment.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Penal Legion Progress

Time is not on my side. Progress has been incredibly slow, partly due to multiple projects and also down to life. House moving and work, fighting with windows on my PC etc has eroded time for painting and modelling. Anyway some progress has been made.

Question, what type of comand squad is applicable and game legal if all troops choices are filled with penal legion squads?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sisters of Battle Rhino #2

Too many projects and not enough time. Anyway a little progress with the second rhino for the Sisters. The stormbolter gunner has been essentially created from the original immolator gunner. The torso, head and arms come from the original immolator kit. The hands and attachment to the storm bolter are from an IG bolter gunner while the mounting comes from the central control box on the immolator. A bit of green stuff and glue should finish it all off.

From above to the almost completed turret gunners on the right.

The other projects on the workbench are some Ogryns from ebay. The second squad of penal legion and another squad of the Belisimar chem dogs.