Sunday, 25 March 2012

ForgeWorld Daemon

This is a legacy and a challenge. At the moment the components of the figure are only pinned together and held with a bit of blue tack to support the joints. Undercoated with white spray outside.

Sisters of Battle Rhinos x3

The third Sisters of battle Rhino is here. Some finishing to complete, such as the purity seals and the battle flag but otherwise it is done. On of the things that makes the Sisters of Battle Immolator/Rhino kit appealing is the opportunities it gives to make each model slightly different when finished as can be seen from the 3 rhinos here. Some magnet fun has been incorporated into the third Rhino. The cattle prod front bumper is magnetised on. It can be swapped out for the dozer blade on the first rhino. In addition an mindful of how easy it is to break ariels or poles attached to tanks during transportation the banner pole has been magnetised on as well.

Forgeworld Kreig Commissar

No posts for a while but the workshop has been busy. The Kreig commissar is done. Highlighting black was one of the learning points in painting this mini. A tip from the GW site, from some time ago suggested using a mixture of black and turquoise blue. This has proved effective here. The mini came with a rather weedy looking laspistol which seemed rather too mannered for dealing out immediate justice with extreme prejudice. The hand was converted to hold a sawn off shotgun from the Kreig additional weapons pack from Forgeworld.

This mini will be joining the Steel Legion army that is on pause at present. The over all design of the mini is very similar to the Steel Legion. The Steel minis collected so far represent 2 platoons with 2 squads each. A command HQ Squad which this commissar will join, a mortar squad, a lascannon squad and a missile launcher squad. The minis are all metal, except this one but followers of this blog will know that there have been conversions to give meltagunners, heavy flamers and sniper rifles.