Friday, 31 May 2013

Time For A Review

This is the 200th post on this blog. Hooray. So it is a time for reflection. What went well. What was achieved and what could be done better and what should the future hold.

When this blog was started in 2007 the stated aim was to post on minis from the GW Inquisition and Witch Hunters Codices. Well things have changed big time since then. Witch Hunters are no more and on the codex front, but not in the real 40k universe, the Inquisition are now subservient to the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter. The Sisters of Battle are again an independent moiety. There has been a new Grey Knights codex, Imperial Guard Codex and a White Dwarf codex for the Sisters of Battle. The Inquisition no longer have a dedicated codex which is a total disappointment. IMHO this is a bit of a missed opportunity. As many dire dark and ruthless aspects of the Imperium could be concatenated in to an Independent Inquisition Codex.

Anyway back to the blog. The top 5 posts which have attracted the greatest traffic are :

#1 - Abhuman Imperial guard

#2 - Penitent Engine

#3 - Warlord Traits 6th Ed

#4 - Penal Legion

#5 - Shotgun Conversions

Eeek. Where is the Inquisition? Anyway this blog was started 6 years ago because of obviously an interest in 40k but also because of bloggers that were there back then. The key blog that inspired this one was called Lone Pilgrim, by a guy living up near or in Newcastle. He gave up at some point after achieving his 200th post. Is this the way blogs should go after a decent interval? If so how long or how many posts?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Painters Block

Saint Celestine has hit painter block. She seems to be close to completion but its not clear what to do next to finish her off in the style she deserves. Similarly a reluctance to chop up more of Osgiliath has struck. The plan there is to rebase the squad of 8 Seraphim with more rigid supports for the jumping girls. Then there is a Spare Steel Legion Sergeant, minus an arm acquired from ebay and scheduled to be rehabilitated into the Legion as a flamer operator. There is also an old Chimera to be redeployed into the Steel Legion to provide transport for the Squad of Veterans. Finally there is the assembled Thundertusk ready for finishing and painting. Also there in the background is a partially painted Genestealer who also has a few mates needing finishing. It's actually great to have several projects to switch between, avoiding letting any becoming a grind.
This is how painters block becomes unblocked here. So off to work on one of these or perhaps start another new project. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A break from the Inquisition and 40k

Without any new Sisters of Battle minis seeming to be in the pipeline despite the rumours of last year the question becomes where to go next. And here the answer seems to be something big. A starter WFB army with few minis and requiring little finess to use on the tabletop. The answer seems to be Ogre Kingdoms. Anyway for anyone interested here are the contents of the Stonehorn, Thundertusk box. The first item in this collection.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Saint Celestine Progress

The saint has not been forgotten amidst the battle conclave and the Ecclesiarchy Immolator project. The trouble is in fact how to finish off the saint. It seems to be almost there but what final touches will pull the mini together. Also should it be given a glossy final finish to suggest a saintly sheen to the semi human creature that Saint Celestine has become.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sanctum Imperialis Kit

The GW 40k building kits have for a long time, here at least, been seen to be of questionable value. Basically it seemed that there wasn't enough kit provided to justify the price. But having stated that finally 2 have been bought. Firstly Ruins of Osgiliath - which was bought provide material for stonework ruins basing for the Seraphim squad, also Saint Celestine, and a bit of scenery - and it has been at the end of the day value for money. So subsequently and very recently with the aim of creating an Ecclesiarchy Immolator to transport the Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave the Sanctum Imperialis kit has been acquired. It was a choice between this and the Shrine of Aquila. Without giving away anything about the plans for the Ecclesiarchy Immolator here is what you get in this kit.

 Opening the box
 Everything laid out
  One of the 2 identical wall sprues