Saturday, 18 May 2013

Painters Block

Saint Celestine has hit painter block. She seems to be close to completion but its not clear what to do next to finish her off in the style she deserves. Similarly a reluctance to chop up more of Osgiliath has struck. The plan there is to rebase the squad of 8 Seraphim with more rigid supports for the jumping girls. Then there is a Spare Steel Legion Sergeant, minus an arm acquired from ebay and scheduled to be rehabilitated into the Legion as a flamer operator. There is also an old Chimera to be redeployed into the Steel Legion to provide transport for the Squad of Veterans. Finally there is the assembled Thundertusk ready for finishing and painting. Also there in the background is a partially painted Genestealer who also has a few mates needing finishing. It's actually great to have several projects to switch between, avoiding letting any becoming a grind.
This is how painters block becomes unblocked here. So off to work on one of these or perhaps start another new project. 


The Responsible One said...

I skip between projects all the time to try and keep some sort of forward momentum. If I truly get stuck on something, I put it away and wait. There's plenty of other things I can be painting.

Artificer said...

Absolutely agree that's they way it is here too

Phil Millar said...

I find my Painting Oaths group on face book helps keep me motivated, tons of others painting to monthly deadlines means I have something to aim for!