Friday, 29 April 2011

Conversions in 40k

One feature of the modelling component of the 40k hobby is conversions. GW and White Dwarf encourage this. The drive to an all plastic mini catalogue is clearly intended to encourage this. GW provides rules to incorporate conversions in a legitimate fame work to unleash the imagination of their hobbyists. White Dwarf (WD) features conversions a plenty as do many 40k web site. Do you convert. Below are 2 of my build projects from some time ago. The chimera with the twin hull mounted heavy bolters and and a turret mounted autocannon come from the Chapter approved vehicle rules published in WD. The Ork gobsmasha is a scratch built vehicle from plans published in WD many moons ago, but was built around the time of the Gorkamorka launch and for use in Gorkamorka. If anyone is interested in which actual WD published these rule let me know and I will dig out the issue numbers.

The picture quality I hope is better than previous blogs as I am running in a new more powerful camera.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Making 40k Army Listings

There are many cool or "killer" listings published on the web. Caveat emptor. I like "fluffy" armies. But whatever you like the easiest way to make a listing that I know of is - Army Builder - a PC application from Here is a screen shot of a build in progress of my Abhuman IG army.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The painting table

Slow progress again this week. A combination of severe toothache and root canal treatment has kept me back this week. Some work ghas been done but very little as can be seen. 2 heavy weapons for the sisters have been acquired and their painting commenced as well.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Poject Pipeline

Work on my current projects  or the second Battle Sisters Squad and the Exorcist has been slow. A combination of the erosion of inspiration and the deamnds of work and life and a bad bit of toothache. Not working on the projects releases time to think about other projects in the pipeline such as the Steel Legion Mortars and these below.

I have a forgeworld Mars Pattern Mk II Tank Hunter Destroyer conversion that could be better. I am sure that the resin components could be paint stripped fairly easily. A new Leman Russ might be needed. An appropriate weapon for the tank ace Knight Commander Pask surely even if not mentioned in the codex. A more sinisterly lethal shape and high powered weapon for instant kills. The forgeworld rule from The Citadel Journal issue 34 gives the Turbo Laser Destroyer weapon a range 72 inches, strength 10 AP 1, ordnance 1 characteristic. Combine this with Pask's ballistic skill and crack shot special rule for a true tank and monster killing machine.

Then there are the Bob Olley minis. Rare but I plan to have a squad with shotguns as veterans eventually.

And finally a partly collected squad of Arbites.