Sunday, 10 April 2011

Poject Pipeline

Work on my current projects  or the second Battle Sisters Squad and the Exorcist has been slow. A combination of the erosion of inspiration and the deamnds of work and life and a bad bit of toothache. Not working on the projects releases time to think about other projects in the pipeline such as the Steel Legion Mortars and these below.

I have a forgeworld Mars Pattern Mk II Tank Hunter Destroyer conversion that could be better. I am sure that the resin components could be paint stripped fairly easily. A new Leman Russ might be needed. An appropriate weapon for the tank ace Knight Commander Pask surely even if not mentioned in the codex. A more sinisterly lethal shape and high powered weapon for instant kills. The forgeworld rule from The Citadel Journal issue 34 gives the Turbo Laser Destroyer weapon a range 72 inches, strength 10 AP 1, ordnance 1 characteristic. Combine this with Pask's ballistic skill and crack shot special rule for a true tank and monster killing machine.

Then there are the Bob Olley minis. Rare but I plan to have a squad with shotguns as veterans eventually.

And finally a partly collected squad of Arbites.

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