Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sisters of Battle Penitent Engine - A Dark Redemption

From this to that. The Penitent Engine is finished. The Penitent Engine mini epitomises the dark side of the Imperium. Even the purity of the Battle Sisters has a dark side. Who should be strapped into such a lethal machine of painfully visceral redemption? The wicked are punished formally and through the law. And in any case are too untrustworthy to be made a component of such a powerful weapon. Hence the troubled innocent troubled with a great conscience over trivial misdemeanours will be strapped in for their redemption and doom. Once importuning for punishment and forgiveness reaches an unsatisfiable pinnacle the Cannoness ruling their order will have them strapped into one of the Engines. These Innocent Penitents demand that their sins require a  purgation  through sacrifice in the fire of battle such that  no mission may be permitted by their conscience to be merely a suicide mission to end their suffering. Endless battle and suffering is their fate until the inevitable happens and they are pitted against a superior foe. Should the battleground  be held by their Order the remains of the engine and penitent will be salvaged to be patched together with other components for the next penitent. In trying to create the feel of such a machine the only colours used for the engine itself were metallics and washes.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sisters of Battle Exorcist Kit Bash

The 40k rumour mill predicts a new Grey Knights codex for next year. Originally I was going to post my Grey  Knights here, see below but in the meantime kit bashing instead of painting or finishing has been happening.

To the kit bash. The GW Sisters of Battle Exorcist has many fine details to recommend it. The 40k stat line making it a powerful bit of hardware in the game. And the mini itself. The Kit comes as an Immolator with additional metal bits. But no instructions. However it is straightforward to assemble if a due regard is paid to the images on the GW site and the supplied parts are carefully dry tested.

The model itself has amazing detail which is not immediately noticeable on the GW site images. The Launcher is loaded by a servitor loader with an automated missile magazine and and missile rack. There is a maddened battle sister playing the launcher keys. Aspect of the kit that gave me trouble were extra armour supplied by the metal plates and the access rhino hatches. After all its not a transport anymore. Access is required for the missiles to be loaded and the driver to climb in but otherwise nothing else. So the plasticard was brought out and new side armour and a rear door assembled. Here are the pictures below. Nothing is glued at the moment so there are gaps. Blue tack is the master.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Second Sisters of Battle Rhino Progress

Here it is. Not yet finished. The hull top and one side are still not finally glued together to allow access to the interior to finish painting this. I have forgotten to photograph the interior so that will be left for another day. Now it`s almost complete I am thinking of acquiring another squad of the Sisters. Costly as the price with GW has rocketed and also in parallel the prices on ebay have gone up. Anyway needs must. Here it is with laudhaler, pintle mounted storm bolter and hull mounted storm bolter. The paintwork needs tiding up and some additional tank tools added.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Penal Legion

The second squad of penal legionnaires approaches completion. Left to do are the shoulder pad transfers. Skulls to indicate condemned men and seals with indictment's of their crimes on the opposite shoulder. Here are the 2 squads:

Bits from the bits box used usefully I think.I like the second custodian with his Mordian head and WFB militia club. The "kilted" 2 were bretonnian archers. All the heads were catachian and balded to fit with the codex description of the penal legion.

Next time I hope to have some progress on my second Sisters of Battle Rhino conversion.