Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sisters of Battle Penitent Engine - A Dark Redemption

From this to that. The Penitent Engine is finished. The Penitent Engine mini epitomises the dark side of the Imperium. Even the purity of the Battle Sisters has a dark side. Who should be strapped into such a lethal machine of painfully visceral redemption? The wicked are punished formally and through the law. And in any case are too untrustworthy to be made a component of such a powerful weapon. Hence the troubled innocent troubled with a great conscience over trivial misdemeanours will be strapped in for their redemption and doom. Once importuning for punishment and forgiveness reaches an unsatisfiable pinnacle the Cannoness ruling their order will have them strapped into one of the Engines. These Innocent Penitents demand that their sins require a  purgation  through sacrifice in the fire of battle such that  no mission may be permitted by their conscience to be merely a suicide mission to end their suffering. Endless battle and suffering is their fate until the inevitable happens and they are pitted against a superior foe. Should the battleground  be held by their Order the remains of the engine and penitent will be salvaged to be patched together with other components for the next penitent. In trying to create the feel of such a machine the only colours used for the engine itself were metallics and washes.

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