Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sisters of Battle Exorcist a bit more progress

It still does not look like much, but its the way I paint! There are more layers of bleached bone to apply lightning to almost white on the upper surfaces. The plan is to use the new washes on the reliefs of the side panels to give some colour to the pious imagery. The launchers need a baroque heated and stressed  metal finish a bit like the penitent engine here . Bits still look loose because they are. Hopefully more progress next week.

First Exorcist post
Second Exorcist post

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Discovery - working with green stuff

The Belismite Chem Dogs masks and hoses are made from green stuff. This is my first attempt to add to minis with green stuff as opposed to filling in gaps. There are four squads of Belismites. The 4th is in the process of finishing, I have always found it difficult to manage the green stuff as it always prefers to stick to my fingers or the GW sculpting tool rather than the model, even when using water to reduce that stickiness. Too much water and it does not stick to anything. Today I discovered the easy way to stick a tube of green stuff to a mounting and shortly  after have a bond sufficiently strong that the tube can be bend, and manoeuvred to fix the other end correctly - use super glue to stick it to the first position and then the next. Any one else found this ?

Soon I hope the full Belismite platoon will be finished, part of Lord Commissar Belismite's private army.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sisters of Battle Exorcist progress

It does not look like much but there has been quite a bit of effort to get to this point. GW has some odd ideas sometimes. The Exorcist kit comes as an Immolator plus some special metal parts to convert to an Exorcist. But without instructions how to fit it together. So on to the GW site to see pictures of a completed Exorcist. Clearly if I had been less experience in modeling there could have been significant difficulties. Anyway here is where it is at at the moment:

The side panels where the doors were to be have been glued in place and baroqued into coherence with the GW supplied front and rear metal panels representing extra armour. The launchers have been partially assembled. Everything had been undercoated white and a base coat of TauSept Ochre applied. Bolts/rivets have been added to the surround for the door replacement panels through the simple expedient of cutting off rivets/bolts from spare IG tank metal work and gluing them on. Better than superglue rivets and easier than plasticard dowel..

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rhino for Sisters of Battle Finished

Work on the Exorcist progresses, but there is little to see.The metal components need quite a bit of flashing sanded off and pins placed to hold the components together. The finish is not what you would expect with GW plastic kits. So while the Exorcist progresses unseen a bit of work has gone on with a new Steel Legion meltagunner using a Kreig meltagun from Forgeworld, the last Belisimite squad is almost finished just needing a bit of green stuffing and there has been a bit more work on the second Sisters Rhino, which is good as I just got the second sisters squad from ebay. A lot cheaper than GW at the moment. Here is the Rhino including its interior. Flash used for the interior, otherwise the flash is not used for my photos.

So what has changed since you last saw it? The purity seals, and the Sisters insignia on the rear door.The purity seals are Forgeworld. £6.00 a packet plus P&P from them or £2.49 including P&P from ebay. The rear door insignia has been cut from a spare top hatch. The oil drum and trenching tools from the IG and a spare storm bolter from the Exorcist. Thats it.