Friday, 29 November 2013

Achilles Ankles of Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Kohrne

Has anyone come across this phenomenon??

From this :--

To this after 12 months in an unheated  cupboard at ambient temperature :-- 

It may not be clear from the picture  but the horns are the only reason the Daemon is not face down on its base. An image from the same angle as the first picture is obscured by the wing.
It looks as if the FW resin when supplied had not set rigidly enough to support the weight of the model and so slowly under the weight of the torso and wings the whole model has bent the ankles over. The feet are still as securely glued to the base as when the model was stored. Does Forgeworld resin flow as does glass slowly or is it due to an imperfection??

BTW all paints used were GW.

FW will be contacted for an explanation but is this phenomenon unique? 


Anonymous said...

He's only looking very closely at what he's going to kill next :D

Zzzzzz said...

I should imagine being a bloodthrister is quite tiring...

(But no, not ever had that)