Sunday, 1 December 2013

Inquisition Warband Build Flavours

The new digital Inquisition codex has been greeted with both acclaim and criticism. One thing is clear and that is few Imperial Forces will deploy without an Inquisitor and warband as additional allies. In addition the codex creates the possibility of all Inquisition armies with a primary inquisitorial detachment allied to another Inquisitoral detachment. Two Inquisitors pursuing different strands of investigation coming to the same conclusion. Given the firepower associated with the dedicated transports in the codex plus orbital strikes and psykic choirs, potentially seriously tough forces might be created. 

Some of the favourite minis here are Inquisitorial or Ecclesiarchial. So here is what might be constructed locally from some of the potential Inquisition minis on the shelves.

A small Inquisition Warband using Karamazov :

2x multimeltas, one plasma cannon and one acolyte with meltagun. Just needs a Jokaero to tweak the weapons. Karamazov has the relentless special rule and the
by any means necessary rule.

Or a small warband based on a generic Malleus Inquisitor :

3 servitors, one acolyte and a priest with a generic Malleus Inquisitor tooled up with power sword or force weapon, grimoir of true names, brain mines, power armour, and psyker level 1 with hammerhand - total 88 points for the Inquisitor and 59 for the warband if my arithmetic is correct, should be an ouch in close combat.


Trentat Hawat said...

If you are thinking that Karamazov allows the Servitors to move-and-fire with their heavy weapons that unfortunately is not the case.

Relentless does not confer to other models in the unit.

If he had the Slow And Purposeful USR that would work, but alas he doesn't have that rule.

Artificer said...

Nope the USR applies only to Karamazov. With that amount of firepower why should you want to move the unit?