Sunday, 23 June 2013

GW discontinues Mordian Iron Guard, Steel Legion, and Valhallans

Mordian Iron Guard no more, Steel Legion no more, Valhallans no more.

The BOLs form and Darius have flagged the fact that the GW have discontinued the only minis for these Imperial Guard Regiments. It seems to be part of their move away from metal minis, although the Sister of Battle are still on sale as are the Vostroyan and the Rough Riders. So metal is not completely out yet although it is clearly destined. Cadians and Catachian have also lost any metal minis although their plastic replacements must now be the mainstay of the Imperial Guard. This has created a great deal of disappointment. Here the Mordian Iron Guard sculpts were loved, if they reappeared as plastics or fine casts that would be great but it is unlikely given GW history. The available IG armies have been diminished by the disappearance of these 3 legendary sets of minis. The prices of used minis have gone through the roof on ebay. Is GW planning to release more and different IG regiments. Hopefully the withdrawal of these classic and excellent minis is a signal that this is in the pipeline.

Where are the rumoured Sisters of Battle? 


ColKillgore said...

They join the Praetorians, gone but not forgotten. I never collected the Valhallans but have an armmy of Steel legion and some Mordians I use to round out my Praetorians. Maybe GW will replace them with some wiz-bang new sculpts but I doubt I will pick them up. New models for new people but I am sticking with the classics.


The Responsible One said...

All of the metal "Collectors" range is being withdrawn. Items in the 'core' ranges still in metal are not being withdrawn at this time (such as the Vostroyans, Inquisitorial Henchmen, and so on).

They will probably be looking to do so eventually, but the news will go out pretty swiftly when they do. Its not clear what will be replaced in Finecast, which will have new sculpts, and which will just vanish.

Artificer said...

The Mordians and the Steel Legion and the Valhallans have featured strongly in the GW 40k back story. Commissar Yarrick is integral to the Steel Legion and is now finecast, suggesting that the Steel Legion at least has a future. Without the Steel Legion Yarrick has little or no place in the catalogue unless the Steel Legion has a continuing existance. The Valhallans validate the Ciaphas Cain novels, which are a best seller for GW. Basically these regiments are so, so, so embedded in the 40k back story that they cannot be easily written out. So it would be good if GW could give some clue to their paying customers as to what was happening. BTW the Steel Legion is still being collected here but ebay will be the recipient of business as GW has ruled themselves out.