Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ecclesiarchy Priest with Eviscerator

Here he is, looking slightly differently. The neck chain has gone a priestly cowl has been added instead from green stuff. It is truly a pity that GW does not make a priest with an eviscerator at present. The mini has a weapon composed from the hilt of a WFB Empire militia broad sword plus 2 Cadian chainswords.

This is the initial component of the squad proposed in an earlier post :- "Add a Preacher to a squad of death cult assassins and put them in an Immolator for toasting the target prior to assault. Then you have 5 x Weapons Skill 5, Initiative 6, Strength 4, Power Weapons Attacks 2 with re-roll for any misses. Give the Preacher an eviscerator with 2 attacks and a re-roll and rosarius for survivability for a total of 145 points plus Immolator at 65 points. Becomes slightly scary as a serious total disruption and decapitation assault unit, no?"

The harem of death cult assassins are now on the painting table. The conversion of a SoB Immolator  to an Ecclesiarchy style is then next step.


ColKillgore said...

Some wishful thinking and a bit of a points hog but if you could ally a land raider into the army and then put that group in it. It would be really bad but a lot of points in one basket. They would be able to charge out of the land raider so maybe make it across the filed faster.

I thought about doing this when the new edition stopped you fronm deploying from a rhino and assaulting.


Artificer said...

It would be as only allies of convenience could deliver a Land Raider. Then there is the cost of an HQ unit and 2 troops choices as well although they would no doubt deliver on the table top. Nice thought.