Saturday, 26 November 2011

Grey Knight Terminators - The archetype approaches

When starting a new series of minis a pilot model is often painted to try out the colour scheme or technique. So it goes with the Grey Knights. Last week all 5 were undercoated and then given a careful boltgun metal over coat except for the embossed text on the armour which along with the weapon got a coat of dwarf bronze mixed 50:50 with tin bitz. Then came the archetype. A wash with devlan mud followed by a thin highlight of boltgun metal on raised armour surfaces or a thin coat of mithril silver on shiny bits of the armour or weapons such as
the blade of the halberd. Some red for the purity seals and power cables, a light dry brush with shining gold on the decorative lettering and that's it so far.

The remaining 4 terminators in the kit are now getting their devlan mud wash while the heraldry is planned. Next up however is an improved base. Looking at the mini it seems that a standard dry brushed sand base would not do it justice. What seems better might be a base that combines the styles of the daemon hosts and Grey Knight Dreadnought that have been used before.

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