Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sisters of Battle Tanks

Tread head madness for the Sisters of Battle progresses. The extra armour for the Immolator has been trimmed down to the smooth space marine type. It proved easy to remove the extra decoration from the resin components as the resin proved quite soft. Getting the extra large dozer blade magnetised proved rather harder as the small 3mm x 1mm magnets embedded in the mounting arms of the blade proved too weak to hold the blade to the hull. More powerful and slightly larger N50 magnets have been orderd and hopefully will do the job. Work has commenced also on the 2nd Exorcist. Initially there is little to see as additional plasticard side panels and decoration need to be constructed similar to the original Exorcist conversion seen also in this image and in previous blogs. Secondly the metal panels need to be sanded to fit snugly to the hull and each other.Some green liquid green stuff has also been acquired. The usefulness of this in sealing joins will also be explored later.

Below is the original converted Exorcist. This project should create a similar conversion but not identical as these ancient and revered instruments of the God Emperors Justice are individual crafted by the Techpriests of Mars and not mass produced in the Imperium like lasrifles.

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