Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sisters of Battle and Steel Legion Mortars

Only a small bit of progress on the hobby front. Work, family, changing the car and a PC game called UFO Afterlight has restricted the time for 40K this week. But there has been some progress with 2 projects. The second squad of sisters, acquired via ebay. These minis go for unreal sums on ebay but are still cheap there compared with the GW prices which are so mega far above unreal.

Second project is some mortars for the steel legion. GW does not do specific minis for these but combining the loader from the missile launcher team with the controller from the lascannon team plus a mortar does the business reasonably convincingly, at least I think so. Mortars are not every one's choice and lets face it there are other weapons more capable of inflicting more serious damage but I like mortars for the indirect template "bolter" fire. It drives opponents mad often and makes them forget their game plan under fire. 

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