Saturday, 11 August 2012

40k Blog Types

There are several distinct types of 40k blog in the 40k blogiverse aren't there?
There is  Faeit 212 a rumour site giving advanced news of what GW is planning.
There is From The Warp a mainly tutorial site focused on painting. If you want to learn something about painting this is the place to go. Then there is BOLs. editorials, tutorials, mini dexes, several forums. Its the one site that has everything. Then there are the personal journeys through the 40k hobby. What niche does your blog fit into?


Anonymous said...

Not sure what you can call mine.

I'm working on some 6th Edition Roleplaying rules and planning a global 40K campaign next year.

I'll be creating a planet for the campaign, along with weather rules and characters and history from the time of Eldar and Necrons to the Time of Ending.

There will even be some short stories. Though in truth they all relate to one big story.

The Responsible One said...

Mine is pretty much "what I'm up to with my gaming" - some painting, hopefully some kit bashing in the future, a bunch of thoughts on tactics, and the odd personal comment on something that's bugging me...

I think that's what the majority of gaming blogs are unless you happen to be an awesome painter, have a lead on rumours that no-one else does, or have some other talent.

One thing I find that bugs me is people reposting stuff from more specialist blogs on their own - I end up seeing Faeit's stuff five or six times that week, usually, same with Blood of Kittens.

ColKillgore said...

I would call my blog a personal journey type. I play many games and have many projects going at any given time.


Dai said...

Would call mine a lazy personal blog. I spend far too much time with great intentions to do stuff and post on it, and very little effort to follow through. :)

Artificer said...

Thanks for the comments. Are most personal journeys in 40k. I enjoy those especially when there are some novel ideas.