Friday, 17 August 2012

Greater Daemon of Khorne and SoB Head Swap

OK the head swapped maiden is done. A reasonable effort I hope. Having completed this I am now wondering if its possible, and has anyone tried to swap either a grenade launcher or a shotgun on the classic Adeptus Arbites for a meltagun. If so what tools have been used?

The legacy ForgeWorld GD of Khorne has been progressing as well. The torso, wings and hands have all reached the point where they need the full assembly of the model, I won't call this one a mini, to finish them off. Back into the box to clean prime and paint all these strange little bits that are left over. Where do they go? Back to ForgeWorld to review a picture of an assembled GD of Khorne then. The painting of this one is quite enjoyable with all the washes, and dry brushing. Is a daemon out of place in front of a dolls house, or is it just the right sort of place?

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