Sunday, 5 August 2012

Allies for Sisters of Battle and head transplant

The reintroduction of allies to 40k has given a reboot to the Imperial Guard collection. Unfortunately the previous incarnation of IG collected was of an abhuman dregs of humanity hive rejects cannon fodder battalion. This contained Ogryn, ratlings and ratkin, penal legion and Chem Dogs. Probably not the sort of company that a righteous witch hunting Sisters of Battle Canoness would willingly ally together with except in extremis. The sisters were probably more likely to hunt down and exterminate that sort of force along with the planetary governors who thought it a good idea to assemble. Hence the need for some more IG minis to be recruited. As a starter a Steel Legion plasma cannon armed sentinel has been recruited and painted.

 To make the base a bit different, instead of the usual sand, bits of slate have been glued down to make an assembly of stone that the sentinel is marching across. The best way to get slate is not to buy from the GW. Instead find an old roof tile, take a hammer and pound it to pieces. Otherwise some redundant slate used to decorate driveways and flower beds can be handy.

 Finally the head transplant has been coming on. Its beginning to look cool?

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