Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sister Superior Head Transplant

Back to the Sisters of Battle. Instead of a Retributor squad a third SoB troops choice squad has been commenced after coming across some sisters on sale on ebay for a reasonable price, and at a considerable saving on the GW price for these metal minis. Bring on the plastic SoB that have been rumoured to exist this past year. 

By co-incidence all of these minis were sisters without helmets and it seemed a good idea to try to have a sister superior with hair rather than helmet. But she had to be the standard Sister Superior as one of these was going for a reasonable price on ebay. So a bit of transplant surgery was required to adapt a spare Immolator plastic head for the. Here are the steps accomplished so far.      

 Saw off the head with the GW saw.
 Remove as much of the neck as possible with craft knives and the GW clippers
Cut a notch in the neck of the plastic head.
 Blue tack the head in place to see how it looks. The next step is to rebuild the neck with green stuff.

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