Sunday, 8 July 2012

Inquisitor Karamazov Progress

Karamazov on the painting table today after the main components which had been painted individually were glued together. While White Dwarf often recommends assembly then painting it often is easier to paint discrete sub components and then paint. For Karamazov these were the legs of the throne, the throne its self minus the engine and exhausts, Karamazov him self and the 2 servitors individually and also the multimelta gun.

Karamzov is the sole finecast mini tried so far. As previous posts have indicated this has been a disappointing first finecast mini. Yes some detail is nice and sharp but there a plentiful mould lines and flashing to be trimmed off. The quality of the moulding seems no better than the previous older metal minis. Perhaps GW is using the same moulds hence the same casting problems remain. Perhaps minis that a originals in finecast come out better.

Why choose Karamazov over Coteaz for a Grey Knight's Inquisitor. Coteaz at 100 points is half the price of Karamazov and allows the use of multiple henchmen war bands as troop choices. In a Grey Knight force expendable IG stormtroopers are of limited value when terminators and purifiers can be taken as troops choices. Karamazov is a complete army by himself. A close combat monster with  a master crafted power weapon, WS 4 strength 5, wounds 4  and a 2+ save. He is also shooty with a master crafted multimelta and to cap it all he can bring down artillery in the form of an orbital strike. Whats not to like.

Here are the previously blogged images of Karamazov showing the amount of flashing and the poor fit of components:


ColKillgore said...

The Model is looking good. I have never fielded Karamazov before, post up a battle report when you use him in a game.


Artificer said...

Will do Colonel. I expect Karamazov to disintegrate under a blast of focused fire as soon as he is in range of the enemy