Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Weather and 40k Alfresco

One thing about England especially these days is that there are always plenty of rainy days even in the summer. At the moment there are only 2 seasons. The cold and wet season which lasts 8 months and encompasses winter and most of autumn and spring and then the warmish and wet 4 months of the year for summer and a bit of spring or autumn (fall if american). This applies to all except the south east corner of England. Down there there is a local bubble.

So what to do when it is unexpectedly really nice outside. Obviously since we get so few good days these should be enjoyed, and not only with outdoor sports; with 40k as well. In the past on odd good days the wargaming table has been disassembled and re-assembled outside for a battle in the sun. Does anyone else do this?

This weekend was a painting weekend. So here is the garden table suborned for painting. The hazards were the wind; tissues for wiping brushes under the book and sunburn and sunstroke it was so hot. As the afternoon progressed the table was dragged more and more into the shade seen in the top right corner.

The advantages were that the paint dried extremely quickly so successive coats could be applied more quickly. And to paint the paint had to be thinned otherwise it dried much too quickly as was found on one panel of the armoured sentinel. On the table was the Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorne and a Steel Legion Sentinel The steely clarity of the sunlight picked out flaws, details and omissions (drat) on the minis easily. Viewing minis in direct sunlight is an experience that is worth repeating hopefully during this summer.

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