Saturday, 1 September 2012

Steel Legion Lascannon Mods

The Steel Legion Project marches on. Here is the first Heavy Weapons Squad with typical Steel Legion Lascannons, except that for a slight conversion of the lascannons themselves. From the fluff perspective it always seemed impractical for 2 men to lug one of these lascannons, along with its power pack and tripod stand across a battlefield, particularly after the weapons have been fired and got hot. So a simple conversion. The wheels came from space marine bikes minis. The chunkyness of the wheels suggesting balloon tyres adapted to the ash wastes across which the Steel Legion march. The axles for the wheels are the plastic mortar support struts. The third central leg of the lascannon tripod is retained. This is glued to the underside of the lascannon. The axle is superglued to this. A bit of green stuff was used to hide the join under a bit of a military weld and blobs of green stuff used to finish the outer ends of the axles.

To finish the bases were painted to suggest some rain on the ash waste has turned it glutinous.

The plan for the Steel Legion is to provide one squad each of mortars and missile launchers to the heavy weapons support pool.

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