Sunday, 9 September 2012

Why do I like 40k and not flames of war?

The Steel Legion has not been sitting still. The second command squad has been completed. This squad is armed to provide plasma support plus a medic to deal with those inevitable nasty plasma burns. The next project is the third command squad, armed to support assaults, and after that it's the troops squads.

Admiral Drax's post 334, why I like flames of war set us thinking. As a consequence the question why do I like 40k and Warhammer was considered? A post from "Dont Throw A 1" around the same time was also of interest:- Dux Bellorum. In this post the virtues of Dux Bellorum (Arthurian) wargame rules were extolled (Dux Bellorum is available from amazon). After reading the post and the reviews on the Amazon site Dux Bellorum was duly ordered. Why? The answer to that and the title question is in my response to a comment which referred to a model as a little man, which was, "It's not a man, its made of metal and plastic and its not alive thankfully".

For this workshop abstract and fantasy is easier to relate to for wargaming - 40k or fantasy or Arthurian is comfortable but flames of war is not as it relates to a reality which although cleaned up on the table top, is not in history. These comments are clearly not analysis of the relative costs of the different systems of the playablity of rules systems.

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