Monday, 18 March 2013

Steel Legion Veterans

The Steel Legion Veterans are completed except for the 2 remaining squad members to be recruited. Probably they will be a lasrifleman and a grenade launcher guardsman. The question to be resolved is where to get them from. There is ebay, but sometimes the prices are crazy, with prices higher that the GamesWorkshop and then there is the GamesWorkshop. Steel Legion minis are still available there in the collectors section. Again pricey for single minis but the original 10 man box set is still available for £20.50p. This includes a grenade launcher (£6.15) individually, sergeant (£6.15) individually , and a missile launcher team (£10.50) individually, plus 6 lasriflemen. The pricing does not make much sense but it could make more sense to splash out on the box and sell the remnants on ebay.

On a different note, how many conversions are in the squad so far - answer 5.
The sergeant, the autocannon gunner, the auto cannon, the heavy flamer and the meltagun.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool, man! Love the conversions, the whole unit really turned out great. Cracking stuff!

Artificer said...

Thanks Mordian 7th