Sunday, 31 March 2013

Steel Legion Sergeants Conversion

What does a Ork's severed head smell like? Bad is probably the only polite answer. How much does a severed head weigh - its probably quite heavy. Ork heads are bigger than human heads and Orks have much thicker skulls. How long could an IG trooper hold a severed Orks head aloft? Why would an IG guard trooper hold an Orks head aloft. Not to frighten the Orks. They are too focused on the fun of fighting to care if on of da boyz was stupid enough to allow a weedy human to chop his head off. It certainly would not happen to any smart, cool and tough fighting Ork.

The Ork head holding Steel Legion Sergeant seems rather a naff mini then. So off with his head, actually Ork head arm and transplant a pistol holding arm. Choose your flavour of pistol, laspistol, boltpistol, plasma pistol etc. Then you have a metal Sergeant mini with 2 pose-able arms. The spare pistol holding arm from the other Sergeant is the easiest to use. It comes with a locating lug. So the only conversion work is to drill a hole in the shoulder deep and wide enough to accommodate this lug. A bit of superglue and that's it.

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