Saturday, 23 March 2013

Steel Legion conversions - Guide to converting metal minis

If you have been following this blog for a bit you will have seen that several conversions for metal Steel Legion minis have been tried. Now that the Steel Legion troops choices are almost finished it seems appropriate to pull together all the conversions. So here they are, firstly all together.

Converting metal minis is a dauntless task but can be done without major use of power tools. One key choice before attempting any conversion is the selection of the mini to convert. Ideally it should have an open stance and if weapon changes are to be part of the conversion then ideally both arms should be clear of the torso and easily detachable. Next a source of replacement arms or other limbs in plastic should be sourced before conversion is attempted, otherwise headache ensues.

The simplest conversions above are the Officer , the sniper, and the lascannon team.

The Officer had an ornament added to the top of his helmet, along with a comm aeriel to the side of his helmet and two small skull-heads to his trench coat to depict a senior officer.

Likewise the sniper conversion required a minimal modification with the removal of the original lasrifle barrel, the addition of a longer gun a barrel, from one of the original lone trader plastic lasrifles and the addition of a sight from the flash guard from a plastic Cadian lasrifle.

The lascannon team was slightly more complex as the chassis of the lascannon was modified to allow the addition of large balloon tyres from redundant space marine bikes. The axles and other chassis modifications were derived from the plastic Cadian mortar team mortar stand. Any connections were green stuffed, as were the hub caps.

That's all for now but the more complex conversions will be explained in future posts, that's 5 sergeants, 3 meltagunners, 2 heavy flamers and an autocannon and mortars.


sonsoftaurus said...

With a horde of Steel Legion figs myself I look forward to more ideas! The lack of regular melta and flamer models has been especially annoying.

Artificer said...

Melta and flamer conversions then in the next post.