Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ecclesiarchy Preacher with Eviscerator

There is no GW mini for a preacher with an eviscerator at present. The only minis with eviscerators currently available are the SoB Repentia. A future planned unit for the SoB Emperors Angels minor militant order is a battle conclave with 5 assassins let by a preacher with eviscerator, ideally mounted in an Immolator. In the absence a suitable mini from GW for the preacher a trip to the bitz box was the order of the day. Here is the first attempt at an eviscerator armed preacher. Bitz used, from the bottom to the top of the mini are:  part of the inner door assembly of the old style chimera, legs from a brettonian mini with the torso sawed off, torso and outer robes from the empire militia, arms likewise from the empire militia set - using the 2 handed sword pose, the eviscerator is two cadian sergeants' chainswords combined and finally the head is a catachian head with the bandanna sanded off. The mini needs some more imperial and inquisitorial insignia which I hope I will find in the bits left from a box of Grey Knight terminators.

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