Saturday, 4 January 2014

Occasionally I have been asked to show how. Ecclesiarchy Tank Project

OK, this blog makes no claim to expertise in conversions or painting, but sometimes the blog is asked how something was made. Generally and sadly there is no step by step record kept, but. So, here is the start of a project for 2014. It may never be completed, but probably will be. It is only at the concept stage at the moment. But thinking of the Adepta Sororitas and their Ecclesiarchy sponsors and paymasters, perhaps the Ecclesiarchy could have slipped a tank or 2 or 3 or a few thousand, beneath the Imperial ban on Ecclesiarchy armies. Any armour the Ecclesiarchy hid could be hidden in plain sight if it was listed as a transport as part of and Adepta Sororitas formation - no?

Here are the first thoughts.


George Quail said...

Looking forward to watching this develop - although I play Emperor's Children, I've got a fondness for Sisters of Battle.

Artificer said...

Thanks for the comment, should warn you progress can be slow while I get some ideas together.