Monday, 27 January 2014

Imperial Guard Rumour Round Up

Times are changing for the Imperial Guard. These are rumours collated  from Faeit 212 from several posts and recycled here.

The Imperial Guard are to be renamed - Astra Militarium.

There are to be new Steel Legion plastics but Catachians will be dropped and not exactly on the same wavelength there will be an emphasis on Cadians as their equipment will be universal and there will be much less emphasis on exotic regiments, so perhaps Valhallans and Mordians and Vostroyans will be phased out.

Rough Riders are also out. The minis date back to 2nd edition.

There will be new tanks perhaps including, Griffon, Colossus, Medusa, Tank Hunter Destroyer.

There will be plastic veterans/storm troopers

 Imperial Knights will not be part of the Imperial Guard - sorry Astra Militarium

The new codex will be out April

There could be a Horus Heresy era tank

Or will it be all change and everything remains mainly the same. Who knows


Zzzzzz said...

Call me an old cynic, but there's only one reason for plastic ASL, and that's to shift more Chimerae.

Artificer said...

Its just business.